Haitos Destylicco

A mysterious individual. All that is known about Haitos so far is that he has control over illusions and conducts himself in a serious manner.


A very slender 6 foot 3 inch creature who looks to be of relation to an elf. Haitos has very dark skin to go along with his black eyes and shoulder length black hair. He constantly looks blurry due to natural or unnatural magics. Haitos is very talkative for such a serious person and is never at a loss for words. His actions can be considered bizarre at best but they all seem to have some sort of justification behind them. Often times Haitos will play his ukulele in public or private and it is said that he only knows one song. This hasn’t been proven because any who are brave enough to ask usually go missing for days.


Haitos Destylicco

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